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Bullet List of Changes to the 2019 MOC
Updated On: Feb 14, 2020

Sisters and Brothers,

I'm sure by now you've read or heard about the Harry Sidaris letter recently sent through Company Email. I've had several copies forwarded to my email by concerned brothers and sisters. There is nothing factually inaccurate in Mr. Sidaris' letter and frankly, I'd be shocked had there been. Harry Sidaris is a good man and a man of integrity. He also has a job to do and wants to get a contract ratified and, although I'm certain he cares about his employees, ultimately he represents the interests of Duke Energy. The System Committee and I want to get a ratified working agreement in place as well but we work for you; you elected us to represent YOUR interests. Please understand, "Employees will be eligible for the same health and welfare benefits as non-unionized employees:" is 100% boiler plate come-along language. This means you might get what they get but they can change it whenever they want to change will have nothing to say about it. The HSA money? That can change anytime...they may pay it...they may not. 

Folks, there's a reason Duke Energy has tried to take away your legal right to bargain over benefits since 2013; they want the ability to make changes to your benefits without bargaining that change, or the impact of that change, and the only way they can have that is if you give it to them. You have refused to give it to them so they are trying to buy it with a bump to your 401K and once they get it, you'll never get it back. Please understand what you are actually voting for. 

Attached is a bullet list summary of the changes to the MOC as proposed by the Company in their Best and Final Offer.

Fraternally Yours,



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